Spring cleaning your technology: getting rid of unwanted gadgets

By | January 14, 2009

If you’ve ever had a proper tidy up around your house, such as the annual spring clean, you’ve likely come across one or two examples of unwanted technology. A more thorough and in depth clean around the house can bring up a surprising amount of these examples. It’s only natural; we get through technology rather fast and often forget about unwanted devices, rather than disposing of them straight away.

Of course, once you have become aware of all these unwanted gadgets again, the question remains as to what to do with them. With that in mind, here are a number of pointers and suggestions that should hopefully help encourage you.

Selling Online

If you find something you don’t want it, the easiest solution is to turn it into something you do want. There is a big market for electronic devices and gadgets online. Whether you want to sell your Macbook Pro or get rid of some unwanted cameras, music players and other gadgets, you can always get a fair price for them online.

Even old technology can be sold, as a growing recycling industry is happy to take anything electronic. They’re after the internal parts of your unwanted devices, not just the actual product itself. This means that you can often sell something here long after you could get any value from it anywhere else.

Selling for money is a prime incentive in itself. If you sell gadgets you long since forgot about, then converting it into cash is a nice reward and surprise in itself. If, however, you’re selling some you need to replace, then the extra money can also come in useful.

A decent spring clean can, regardless, yield a small nest egg in the form of unwanted technology. Not only can this be put towards any major expenses or savings that you’re currently facing, it can prove the incentive and motivation to clean the house by itself.

The chances are you might already be thinking about the unused and unwanted gadgets currently in your home, but not able to remember where they are.

Pass It Along

As an alternative, if you find something you don’t want, there’s always a chance you might know someone who does. If they’re after something that you have, this might present the perfect opportunity to give them a present. They obtain something they otherwise wouldn’t have or couldn’t afford, and you get to give them a meaningful present without having to go to any expense; perfect for Christmas or any upcoming birthdays.

On the other hand, this does mean you don’t get any money for your efforts. If you’re looking to buy new technology or replacement gadgets, this might be a problem. None the less, there may be unwanted devices in your home that you don’t need or want to replace; in which case, if you know someone in need, than giving may be a rewarding experience in itself.

Like most people, has used his share of technology, yet has also grown to share this knowledge and passion through writing and blogging, highlighting various issues and solutions to common problems.

Like most people Abigail Hearst has used her share of technology and is an expert on when looking to buy or to sell your Macbook Pro. She enjoys sharing this knowledge and passion, highlighting various issues and solutions to common problems.

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