Raising Your Credit Score

By | April 29, 2016

Raising your credit score is particularly of interest if you are looking at getting a loan or credit or some sort. If you can get your credit score raised chances are, that you will be able to obtain a lower interest rate and or a higher amount loaned out. Many of the methods mentioned in this site are exactly what the credit repair companies will use.
One very important issue is in getting rid or unsecured debts you have. This will not only help out your score, but it may also help you to sleep better at night. Start the good habit of paying your bills on time and keep the overhead you owe on your credit cards at no more than one third of their limit. These steps will help you to raise your score. Now it may take some years for some to do so, but consider the money you will save in the long run by taking steps today. If you feel the need, you can consider consulting a credit counselor who could get you into a debt consolidation program.

Here are some other steps that one should follow to improve their credit score:

1-Contact the 3 credit bureaus and obtain credit reports from each. You can reach the 3 bureaus by going here.

2-Find any negative statements and note any that may need to be disputed.

3-Challenge anything that is either out-dated, inaccurate or even anything you are unsure of. When disputing, and if truthful, simply deny that you ever applied for credit with that particular company.

4-Use either a dispute form from the credit bureau or go to our sample letters and follow the advice on what to say when contacting them. Mail them a copy but keep the original report.

5-When you hear back from them, compare the new report to the old one and any issues not dealt with write them back requesting proof of the point.

6-Start taking steps to get good information on your credit report to help to out weigh any negative.

7-Closing old accounts do not increase your score. It just simply just points to the fact you have a history having credit.

8-Don’t worry about your credit report inquiries lowering your score. The only ones that can do this are when you actually apply for credit.

9-You don’t necessarily need to get to 850 to get the best interest rates possible. A good rating from 720 and up should do this for you.

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