Smart Money Management

By | August 14, 2014

Is the dollar here and a dollar there really worth it? Of course! Think about this….setting the thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 64 degrees in the winter can reduce energy costs by 20 percent. If you spend $100, that is $20 a month saved. It may not be a lot by itself, but just a few degrees on the thermostat just saved you $240 this year.

If you take out one meal a day during the week, you could be saving $25 or more dollars a week by just packing a lunch. That’s $1200 a year! Or how about taking money from other bank’s ATMs? Just once a week can add up to $100 per year. These three simple examples total over $1540 per year. And that is just the beginning.

Managing your money and sticking to your budget can easily save you 20 percent in expenses this year. Imagine a 20 percent raise at work! It is the same principle. Money management is easy when you think about. And that’s the thing, you have to be willing to make money saving strategies a part of your life. Remember when your parents told you to turn out the light when you leave a room? That simple act is money management.

And now you don’t have to do it alone. Personal computers are a wealth of resources and information to help you get and stay organized. Computer programs exists that help you do everything from balance your checkbook to paying taxes to doing business directly with Wall Street. The Internet makes it possible for you to comparison shop for purchases from CDs to homes. Just knowing the amount of purchase options out there makes you a more informed consumer, better able to manage your accounts.

Taking simple steps to incorporate money management into every aspect of your life and to learn as much as possible about money will make it simpler and easier to live the debt free life you want.

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