Financial markets: long-term of long-range binary options?

By | September 14, 2014

Many people want to enter the financial markets, but feel like they don’t know enough to do so. This is the reason why a new breed of financial tools is being created that is elegantly simple and easy to use. Of them all, perhaps the easiest to understand and use is the binary option

Long-range or long-term strategies

While binary options usually have time limits that are counted within the hour, some binary options can have expiry times that count in the days. The advantage of long-term binary options is that they allow you to play more with what you know of the general movement of the commodity or asset’s value, while at the same time receives a higher payout.

History – Your first important lesson is that you must know how to study a commodity or asset’s value movement in many time scales. In this case, you should study how the asset’s value moves within the space of a week. You can overlay how the value of the asset has been moving for the past few weeks, so you can spot the general visual trend.

Related data – Before investing on those long-term binary options, you should study industry news and movements, such as possible mergers, and even incoming data from quarterly reports. You can also even use the idea of related data to find out what the historical pattern is when a particular related event or action happens.

Parallel data – For some reason, non-related information and commodity or stock movement may mirror your chosen commodity or asset’s movement with a high degree of accuracy.

Do remember that when you are investing in long-term binary options, most of your strategy involves how value movements have changed over longer periods. The element of chance becomes smaller in this case, as it would take an unaccounted-for event or situation to skew the value of the commodity or asset enough to affect a long-range binary option.

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