How Landlords Decide to Purchase Property

By | February 25, 2020

When landlords purchase commercial real estate, they intend to rent the property out as apartments or stores. However, landlords do not just buy the cheapest property available. Instead, they consider the following factors.


If an expert in real estate such as Steven Taylor Taylor Equities is looking for a new apartment building, he does not simply purchase the first available building he sees. Instead, he considers the location and how that will affect housing demand. For example, in areas with low demand for housing, landlords cannot usually charge as much for rent. Additionally, they are taking a greater risk in purchasing the property because it is likely that tenants will not take all of the units. However, in an area where housing is in high demand, landlords can charge more for rent and are more likely to earn a profit on their investment. A downside of purchasing commercial real estate in high demand areas such as cities is that such property is usually much more expensive than in rural areas.


Many landlords enjoy taking an old building that is in poor condition and renovating it before renting out remodeled units. This method allows landlords to personalize their buildings and provide good quality housing with a low investment. It also requires landlords to have plenty of working capital to cover the renovations. Newer landlords with smaller budgets may have to wait until a property that is ready for habitation becomes available.


Depending on the location of the property, potential tenants will expect certain amenities out of their housing. Every apartment building needs showers, toilets and sinks in each unit. However, in wealthier areas, tenants may not consider units that do not include personal laundry. Landlords must decide if they are willing to invest in extra amenities or if they want to purchase cheaper property without such features.

Many factors influence a landlord’s purchasing choices, and only time and experience allow him or her to make the best financial decisions.

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