Gateway to Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nevada

By | October 6, 2017

Gateway to Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nevada

Becoming a real estate agent in Nevada is a great career move that can help you establish a successful business and gain control over your income. Whether you’re looking to work full-time and close on a few properties a month, there are many opportunities for new agents to take advantage of the booming real estate industry in the state. Nevada has one of the highest home turnover rates in the country. According to UpNest, the average real estate agent commission rate in Nevada is 4.7 percent. The average median home value is 12.6 percent, while the national average is 8.7 percent.

If you’ve decided to acquire a real estate license in Nevada, you must complete the 90-hour pre-licensing course from a state approved real estate school prior to sitting for the Nevada real estate licensing examination. The real estate course provide agents with a solid foundation to not only build a profitable business, but to also develop a rewarding career. After passing the Nevada Real Estate Licensing Examination, you’ll have many resources to develop your expertise through hands-on experience, continuing education courses and training seminars.

Whether you choose to work with an established real estate brokerage firm or manage your own private business, you can build your wealth through a variety of means, including sales commissions, recruiting new agents and residual income. Many established real estate firms offer incentives to new agents, like sign-on bonuses, personalized websites and access to back office support. If you choose to run your own business, you must acquire the appropriate business licenses for your state and local jurisdiction.

In today’s real estate industry, agents also have access to advanced tools and technologies designed to same time and money in addition to eliminating unnecessary paper files. These technologies provide agents with excellent resources to help buyers locate the best property listings in the market and assist sellers with improving their visibility and selling fast.

Several state-approved real estate schools, such as Key Realty School, offer flexible options to complete the pre-licensing course, including the option to attend lectures that require students to be physically present in the classroom and self-guided online training. They are provided with a great platform that enables them to progress through a a home-paced study program in real estate law and principles.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll work through a detailed curriculum that teaches the foundations of real estate practice, finance and Nevada state law. The pre-licensing real estate course is divided into sections that cover different aspects of managing a practice and how the laws affect real estate transactions, contracts and closing on a sale. You will also learn the process of:

  • Listing and selling properties
  • Real estate contracts
  • Clauses in contracts
  • Financing and mortgage procedures
  • Property valuations
  • Closing process.

After successfully completing the required pre-licensing course, you must obtain your fingerprints and background check and pass the state examination.  At this point, you can apply for your license with the Nevada Real Estate Division.




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