Consumer Rights

By | December 14, 2006

Thanks to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act you have certain rights that are protected. You are allowed under this Act the following.

-To take legal action against the credit bureau if they either knowingly or unknowingly violate the laws it must abide by.

-You can request and have that request upheld to keep your report from a certain company or individual who legally has no right to access to your report.

-If others have previously had a copy of your credit report and it was shown to have errors in, you can notify the credit bureau to inform them of the correct version.

-You are allowed to present a report explaining your side of the story any negative information.

-You can be represented from any individual of your choice from the credit bureau.

-Have destructive or negative information removed after a period of seven years. Things of this nature include but are not limited to: late payments or judgments. Bankruptcies may take upwards of ten years due to regulations surrounding them.

-You can argue any information on your report that you feel is incorrect. The credit bureau must then look into your complaint(s) and either change your credit report or confirm the reports accuracy.

-You may also get the latest copy of your credit report with 60 days if you have been denied credit, employment, insurance so you can see what is on it thus being responsible for you being denied.

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