4 Comprehension Tips for Ambitious Business Owners

By | January 17, 2019

Modern business owners have to possess a wide array of knowledge that spans a variety of diverse subjects in order to achieve sustained success. In other words, business owners wear a lot of hats these days. Indeed, dedicated professionals are constantly learning new skills and applying them in practical ways. From mastering a new SEO tactic to memorizing a new client’s sales process, a business owner is never truly “finished learning.” To that end, today we’re going to provide four tips that’ll help business owners stay focused and retain information more effectively: 

Teach Your Problems

Business dealings can quickly devolve into a complex hive of jargon and industry-speak. And even the most adept professionals can sometimes get lost when reading a long-winded report or sitting through a lengthy presentation. As such, it’s often beneficial to take a step back and break a problem down –– as if you were explaining it to an outsider with no prior knowledge. Simply talking through an issue will often help you gain perspective and identify meaningful insights.

Give the Acronyms a Break

Business leaders love to use acronyms and abbreviations whenever possible. The problem is, these terms are often more confusing and esoteric than the original phrase ever was. Insider lingo and industry acronyms may be beneficial for shorthand around the office, but it’s crucial to seek out their definitions when you first hear them. Sitting around and wondering “what does VoIP mean,” or “what does IoT stand for” won’t do you any good. In addition, you may also want to consider creating a document to catalogue acronyms and their meanings as you encounter them.

Seek Out Real-Life Examples

Abstract terms and complex subjects are just that –– abstract and complex. Whenever possible, look for real-life examples that illustrate a point and display the true effects of a principle or idea. Plus, if you can put a name/face to a concept, you’re much more likely to remember it later on.

Write Everything Down

Few individuals are blessed with an eidetic memory. As such, the rest of us need to use resources to stay on top of our responsibilities. Fortunately, few tools match the power of a simple pad and pen. It may sound tedious, but taking the time out to physically write down important appointment dates or details pertaining to recent meetings will help you manage the finer points of your operation. Considering that it’s often the little things that enable businesses to thrive and grow in the first place, it’s hard to overstate the value of an old-fashioned notebook-planner.

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