Closing Credit Card Accounts

By | June 14, 2009

Perhaps you have some old department store credit cards somewhere in the back of your wallet or purse. The ones that if you sign up for one of their cards you get a discount on your first purchase or a little gift of some kind. So you sign up, use it once, get your gift or discount then neglect it. Or perhaps you actually use it occasionally. It is a common belief that if you simply go and close some of your old credit cards accounts that this will raise your credit score. This is false. Your credit score does not depend on how many accounts you have but rather unpaid debts that you have with them.

So do you think you should still go and close them? Well it depends on what situation you are in. It may just help clean up papers you have and the temptation to use the card. But the real goal is to try to gain more credit that is available to you that used credit. This will help your credit situation out. Don’t be concerned with the number of accounts you may have. Also don’t be afraid to necessarily add more credit accounts if you desire as long as you are not going to max them out. But do be cautious for some, the temptation to run them up could be there. Remember the number of accounts you have is not the problem, it is the debt you retain with them.

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