Consolidation Loan

By | December 14, 2006

When a lender loans money to payoff all your credit cards and other debt, you have one monthly bill which is paid the lender. Often these loans do not have a lower APR and can be as high as APR’s of 24 percent. Even if you do get a decent APR you are still in debt. The big mistake is people give up secured debt for unsecured debt. Most Debt Consolidation Loans are given in the form of home equity loans which means if you do not pay you lose your home. Do you really need to add the stress of possibly losing your home with unsecured debt? Debt consolidation can reduce your bills enough that you can make minimum payments without risking the place you live. Consult one of our trained professionals about your situation. You maybe surprised at the possibility of reducing your payments through legal debt reduction.

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