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How Do Self-Employment Taxes Work?

The number of people who are self-employed rather than (or in addition to) holding conventional jobs continues to increase as the “gig economy” grows. Paying taxes when you are self-employed can be a confusing process for those who are just starting down this path. When Do You Have To Pay Self-Employment Taxes? The IRS and… Read More »

4 Comprehension Tips for Ambitious Business Owners

Modern business owners have to possess a wide array of knowledge that spans a variety of diverse subjects in order to achieve sustained success. In other words, business owners wear a lot of hats these days. Indeed, dedicated professionals are constantly learning new skills and applying them in practical ways. From mastering a new SEO… Read More »

7 Tips for Launching Your Career as a Commercial Real Estate Pro

While some parts of the residential housing market are struggling to regain their pre-Great Recession levels — and a few are barely registering a pulse on the ECG — the commercial real estate market isn’t just humming along nicely, it’s flat-out booming. And according to forecasts from the Urban Land Institute, the uptick should continue… Read More »

There’s no doubt about it, being in debt isn’t much fun. It can often feel like you’re on a treadmill with almost no hope of ever getting off. The interest alone can mount up, making the repayments seem like an uphill climb that’s close to impossible to achieve. If you’re in a situation similar to… Read More »