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The Financials Of Buying A Car: What You Need To Know

If your current vehicle isn’t reliable and you’re constantly spending money on repairs, you might consider a new purchase. Buying a new car is a wonderful feeling and a major sense of accomplishment. You might visit the nearest dealership, such as Pompano Nissan and test drive the newest models. But before completing an application for… Read More »

How to Refinance your Mortgage

So your either considering Mortgage Refinancing or trying to learn more about it. Refinancing is when you get a loan (secured) to pay down an old loan. In this case, “mortgage refinancing” thus meaning to pay off your old mortgage. This most often happens to get a lower rate of interest or to get some… Read More »

Smart Money Management

Is the dollar here and a dollar there really worth it? Of course! Think about this….setting the thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 64 degrees in the winter can reduce energy costs by 20 percent. If you spend $100, that is $20 a month saved. It may not be a lot by itself,… Read More »

Spending Tips for First-time Credit Card Holders

In every culture, there are rites of passage that tell people they are moving into adulthood. Things like high school graduations or Bar Mitzvahs help young people move from one stage of life into the next. One such rite of passage is a person’s first credit card. Every year, millions of young adults are approved… Read More »

PPI Claims Making the Headlines Again

As the banks struggle to deal with the sheer numbers of people who continue to make claims for mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI), so the scandal continues to dominate the consumer finance news. The recent announcement that Lloyds Banking Group would be apologising for the behaviour of staff at one of its call centres… Read More »