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Determining Expenses

Determining your expenses is the heart of your budget. When you sit down and add up how much you really spend in a month, you may be shocked. Those little coffee stops can be a hefty bill by the end of the month. Fixed expenses are those that do not change from month to month.… Read More »

How To: take a case to court without getting into debt

The process of litigation can be costly and drawn-out. If you find yourself with a strong case but with no means by which to support it through court, there are a number of options to secure funds. However, it’s imperative to familiarise yourself with the options to ensure the most astute choice is made for… Read More »

Finding the Source of Your Debts

You have a debt problem. No matter what you do it seems you always seem to fall behind on bills and you never seem to make a dent in paying off your debts. The first step, as you have heard a thousand times, is realizing that you have a problem. You’ve done that. Now what?… Read More »

Identifying a Debt Problem

If any of the following statements apply to you, you may have a debt problem. • I do not have savings because I exhaust my savings to pay for my debt. • I only pay the minimum payment on my credit cards. • I have been declined credit or declined a credit line increase. •… Read More »

Debt Settlement

Debt negotiation, commonly referred to as debt settlement or debt relief, is considered a specialty service mostly offered to people who “fall out” of a debt consolidation program, can’t make the minimum payment of a debt consolidation program, or have large outstanding debts on which they haven’t paid in the past 3 months. The main… Read More »

Benefits of Credit Card Options – What Are These?

When you think about credit cards, the first thing that comes to mind would be “credit”. You are getting credit from a provider of your credit card and that is the primary reason for your applying for a credit card in the first place. Fortunately, you stand to gain much more with the approval of… Read More »

Who Do You Owe?

Having multiple credit cards, especially if you have joint accounts, can make it tricky to tract exactly what you owe and to whom. In order to be familiar with your own finances and to assist a credit Debt Repayment Representative in determining your needs, you should put together a list of what is owed to… Read More »

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process of combining many debts into a single payment, usually resulting in lower monthly payments. There is also then only one creditor to pay. By some, it is known as a Consolidation Loan however a loan is not the same thing, please see site for more info if interested. There are… Read More »

Consolidation Loan

When a lender loans money to payoff all your credit cards and other debt, you have one monthly bill which is paid the lender. Often these loans do not have a lower APR and can be as high as APR’s of 24 percent. Even if you do get a decent APR you are still in… Read More »

Consolidation vs. Loans

Debt consolidation means one thing: a consolidation of multiple debts, into one debt, and one payment. Unfortunately, it is often paired with the word “loan” by banks and mortgage institutions offering a “debt consolidation loan” to escape from the debt pressure. In reality, some of these debt consolidation loans end up as interest second mortgages… Read More »