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Business Competition

It seems like today nothing is an “original.” If you think of an idea, chances are someone already has a business built around it. But, does that mean you shouldn’t move forward with your idea, business plan, or strategy simply because something like it already exists? The answer is, no. Competition pushes us to always… Read More »

Business Loan Consideration Points

When looking to fund a new start-up or small business or expand one you currently run, banks and other private lenders are the most common sources people look toward to get the money they need. Before you apply for a business loan, though, there are key points you need to consider: Do you have a… Read More »

Ways to Grow Your Business

To stay in the running and ahead of your competition you need to constantly come up with ideas that make you stand out in the crowd. Here are a few tips that have proven to be very effective in growing a small business. Maximize and Cultivate Your Brand. Brand recognition is crucial in growing a… Read More »