Binary Option Trading – How Much Should I trade Per Day?

By | May 29, 2016

Understanding daily binary option trading frequency is complicated and is directly related to binary options trading strategy you use. Of course, focusing on the quality instead of quantum would be desirable by you; however, certain delicate balance should be observed and concentrated on.

For instance, if you execute 5 moneymaking trades daily at a price of $10 for each, and receiving returns at the rate of 80%, you will earn $40 benefit, accepting there were no failed trades. However, if you commit 25 trades daily, and among them 15 are profitable and 10 not, we bet, this strategy will not bring you high paybacks.

Gaining profit from binary option trading is rather knotty. When applying $10 augmentations repeatedly, it is possible to become well-off after just 5 lucky trades. Although there were accurate trades more regularly, there has also been sufficient quantity of inaccurate trades, which could lead to the loss of more funds, which those 5 accurate trades could have brought.

Indeed, in case of the same scale of payback, it would be possible to gain $120 totally, but also to give up $100 totally. Even though just 5 daily trades do not seem so exciting, if the trader can lower the risk of inaccurate trades, the traditional way would be more profitable in this case.

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