Beware Credit Repair

By | March 14, 2007

Consumers wishing to improve their credit will often hire a lawyer or a credit repair company to help them get the job done. This is something you have to really be aware of because a lot of creditors will consider this unwise simply trying to hide or argue claims that you are completely responsible for. Some creditors will flag your account for such action. It may say to them that you are going to try to escape your responsibilities. We would only recommend that you argue what is truly a mistake. Also, don’t get the idea that repairing your credit is an easy task. Credit Bureaus can be sometimes be a pain. If you do indeed find an error, and you can prove it, you may have to contact them repeatedly to have it changed. You can ask them to prove that it is your debt and if a change is granted, make sure it has indeed been removed. This is unfortunate but it’s just the way it can be sometimes.

Some things to keep in mind regarding your credit report and that is you are allowed to dispute any item or multiple items on your credit report any time. It becomes the responsibility of the credit bureau to contact the creditor and get them to verify the information. If it can’t verify it within 30 days you will have it removed. The older the item is the better chance of getting it removed as some creditors will not keep records for over a few years. A good idea is also to monitor your credit report 2 times a year. Get the information from each of the 3 credit bureaus each time as they can vary.

Now if you choose the path of hiring a credit repair company, use caution. There are some that boast about what they can do for you and don’t live up to their promises. They could even slow your attempts to improve your credit. There are credit repair companies that don’t have your best interests in mind. If you do break the law even if it is what you have been told by them you are ultimately liable. Don’t consider any company that.

1. Asks for you to pay for their services upfront, a start up fee should suffice.
2. Who actually tell you not to contact the credit bureaus on your own.
3. Don’t mention your legal rights and what you can do for yourself
4. Advises that you create a new credit report with a employee id number or new identity
5. Recommends that you argue all or most of the information on your report
6. Suggests you do something illegal or tell little white lies.

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