What are the Best Ways to Save Money on the Internet?

By | April 26, 2012

We all use the internet day in and day out for a wide variety of reasons. But how many of us have realized that it can be used to save money as well?

Save Money by Using Coupons

This is one of the favorite methods to save money on almost every item for many internet savvy shoppers. There are many online coupon sites that display coupons from most of the major brands. These coupons include every item from food to toiletries. You only need to print and collect these coupons and use them when you shop offline or use the coupon code when you shop online.

Save Money by Switching Over to VOIP

It is a well known fact that phone bills can take up a hefty part of the monthly budget. With call charges becoming costlier with each passing day, phone expenses seem to skyrocket. And for families with many long distance friends / relatives, it becomes virtually impossible to handle the huge phone bills each month. But the internet comes in to save the day even in this arena.
You only need to switch over to VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to save at least 85 % of your long distance phone call charges that you would have been otherwise paying your telephone and cell phone companies.

VOIP has reduced the call charges to just a few pennies per minute for most of the nations across the world. Making calls from a VOIP is more convenient as it also provides the facility of making video calls. So you can “kill two birds with one stone”.

Save Money By Shopping Online

Online stores usually have to face a lot of competition and that is exactly why they are always ready to offer cheaper rates and huge discounts to their customers. What you can do is to check out at least 10/ 12 popular online shopping sites and compare the rates between them. For instance, if you plan to buy a laptop, check out the rates on all the popular online shopping sites. Then you can go with the site that offers the maximum discount or the cheapest price.

Avoid the lure of easy online money

It may go without saying to many of you, but there are people out there in the expanses of the internet who fall prey to the concept of making a quick buck on the web. I’m not saying it’s impossible. In fact many people make a good living through the internet! This advice is more specifically aimed at those who may be tempted by the promise of fast cash returns for minimal effort, this can be anything from being suckered in to getting an advance from a loan company (even the big brand ones like wonga are pretty much a rip off) to even scarier situations where you’re divulging your important credit information to websites you really don’t want to have your info. So always be diligent my friends.

Save Money by Saying No to Expensive Cable

Do you really have to pay all that money each month to get entertained? In this day and age, when there are hoards of free online TV channels, why should you continue paying your cable service company to be entertained? Just switch to the online free TV channels and in case you are a movie buff, then you always have sites like Netflix where you can view your favorite movies. These online movie sites or pay per view sites charge a very reasonable amount of money as subscription each month and you have the flexibility of watching any movie that you desire, in the comforts of your own home.

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